Agrigento – The Ancient Valley of the Temples – 07/2013

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    Agrigento – Valley of the Temples (Valle dei Templi di Agrigento) is the largest archaeological park in the world, covering an area of approximately 1300 hectares. The ancient Greek city of Akragas was founded in the 5th-6th centuries BCE, although the park was only discovered in the late 18th century. Unfortunately, the city was destroyed by the Carthaginians, as was the common practice during that time.

    The Valley is composed of a group of temples, some of which still look impressive even after two and a half millennia. Walking through the park is like taking a trip back in time to when the temples were in their prime. The atmosphere is serene, and it’s hard to believe that such beauty and history are just a stone’s throw away.

    The Temple of Concordia is one of the most impressive structures in the park. It was built around 440 BCE, and it’s still standing strong today. Its columns are so perfectly aligned that it’s hard to imagine how the ancient Greeks managed to construct such a marvel.

    The Temple of Olympian Zeus is another must-see. It was one of the largest temples ever built, but unfortunately, only a few of its columns remain standing today. Despite this, the temple is still awe-inspiring, and one can only imagine how it must have looked in its prime.

    Walking through the Valley of the Temples is a humbling experience. It’s hard not to be amazed by the ingenuity of the ancient Greeks and the beauty of their architecture. For history buffs, this park is an absolute must-visit. It’s a place where you can step back in time and witness the legacy of one of the greatest civilizations to ever exist.

    Хоть и считается, что долина хорошо сохранилась, но вот это фото показывает общее состояние всего. Это скорее Парк Камней.
    Со своими многочисленными жителями
    Павший атлант
    Оставшиеся колонны от храма аргонавтов "Кастора и Полидевка"
    Он же Храм Диоскуров
    Долина с очень разнообразным рельефом и даже со своими гротами
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    Храм Геркулеса
    Храм Согласия
    Один из наиболее хорошо сохранившихся в долине
    Храм Юноны
    Вид с Юноны на Конкордию
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