Brest Fortress in Winter 01/2012

    Center map

    Brest Hero Fortress – memorial monument devoted to the military feats of soviet soldiers in WW II was opened on Sept. 25, 1971.

    Actually I haven’t been there before and once the idea for a visit came, decided immediately to buy tickets and not to postpone it for “tomorrow”.  Though it was freaking freezing out there – about -25…-30°C, we moved very swiftly and it really helped for some time. But eventually we froze to hell and found a museum to get warm. One more unique experience added )

    1. Arrived to Brest Railway Station and found out it on a restoration process. Felt all this “beauty” on our way back, when no sitting places were spotted. And you had to wait you train for a couple hours in small over-crowded station hall.

    Brest Station

    2. The way to the Fortress lays on Lenin str. And -no surprise- we encounter on Lenin monument.

    Lenin in Brest

    3. “The Star” – main entrance to the Brest Fortress.


    4. Despite the freezing temperatures, the river Muhovets hadn’t covered with ice.

    Muhovets river

    5. Sculptural composition – “The Thirst”.

    The Thirst

    6. The main monument of the fortress – “The Courage”.


    7. St. Nicholas garrison church in the Brest Fortress.

    St. Nicholas garrison church

    8. “Communism will destroy the borders” slogan in old Belarusian language.


    9. Red corridor of the museum.


    10. A very important part of getting warmer )

    Cognac in café "Citadel"
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