An Enchanting Experience at the Chinese Lantern Festival in Minsk – 03/2019

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    In February, a festival of giant Chinese lanterns came to Minsk. The whole thing was set up in a very large area of the Botanical Garden. As often happens, the visit to the garden was put off and put off, and we ended up going to see the lanterns on the very last day.

    We deliberately arrived a little before sunset because we suspected that many people would come to see the lanterns as darkness fell. And it did happen! We were lucky enough to wait in line for only 15 minutes, but when we left the park, it felt like the line had stretched out for about an hour.

    As we walked through the garden, we were amazed by the beauty and creativity of the lanterns. Some were shaped like animals, while others were more abstract. Each one was lit up from the inside, creating a warm glow that illuminated the surrounding area. The lanterns were so big that we felt like we were in a different world, surrounded by otherworldly creatures and shapes.

    Despite the large crowd, the atmosphere was surprisingly peaceful and quiet. Everyone seemed to be in awe of the lanterns and was content to quietly walk around and take in the sights. It was a magical experience that we will never forget.

    1. We arrived a little early, the sun had already set, but it was still light outside. It was a small minus, of course, because the figures didn’t look as impressive as they would have in the dark.

    2. Safari Park.

    3. There are also mushrooms.

    4. The hypnotoad is in place.

    5. They even set up a Chinese pagoda.

    6. A family of (Kung Fu) pandas.

    7. The lion greets everyone.

    8. Polar bear sector. One of them is very gloomy.

    9. There were also gorillas.

    10. Bird corner.

    11. Fish corner.

    12. There were many, very large, and colorful flowers.

    R. It was an excellent walk with fantastic impressions and positive emotions. When it got completely dark, there were a lot of people, but it was still interesting.

    Exploring new places and experiencing new things can be a great way to unwind and create lasting memories. Despite the crowds, it sounds like the walk was enjoyable, and the lantern festival provided a unique and exciting atmosphere.

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