Positive Impressions of Gomel – 04/2014

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    It so happened that for a long time I have been to Gomel only a couple of times and even then – in transit. And finally, the opportunity arose to explore it properly, after all, it is the second largest city in the country.

    My overall impression of Gomel was very positive. Despite the fact that I did not have enough time to explore all of its corners, I managed to visit some interesting places. One of them was the Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble. This is a truly stunning place that combines elements of different architectural styles and is surrounded by a beautiful park. I also visited the Museum of Military Glory, which made a strong impression on me. It is dedicated to the history of the Second World War and is located in one of the city’s defensive structures.

    Another interesting place that I visited was the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace. It is considered one of the main attractions of the city and rightfully so. This is a magnificent palace, which is a masterpiece of architectural art of the early 19th century. The palace houses a museum that tells the story of its construction and the life of its owners.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that Gomel is a city with a rich history and unique culture. It is a place where you can enjoy stunning architecture, immerse yourself in the history of the country, and get to know the friendly locals. I am sure that anyone who visits this city will find something interesting and unique for themselves.

    1. Discovering the Charm of Sovetskaya Street.


    2. One of the stages of the city’s formation. Here is also a board of honor. Everything on Sovetskaya Street is Soviet-style.

    Гомель 1852 - 1917 - 1943 - 1970

    3. Unexpected Problems with Naming Have Arisen.

    Верона - Верона 2

    4. Almost like in Serbian 😀

    Дльче вита

    5. Sports and Tourism Management of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee.

    Здание управления спорта и туризма

    6. A 25-meter monument with a komsomol girl commemorates underground komsomol activists.

    Памятник комсомольцам

    7. Bust of the head of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Gomel native, A.A. Gromyko.

    Памятник Громыко А.А.

    8. Here are some of the characters located in the same Gromyko Park.

    Деревянные персонажи

    9. A slightly worn-out circus building resembling a flying saucer.

    Гомельский государственный цирк

    10. The end of April and the fountains aren’t working 🙁


    11. The tower with the spire of the 8th of March knitwear factory.

    8 марта

    12. As you can see, the memorial is a T-34 tank from the WWII era and a square in honor of the 1916 Uprising. On the neighboring building, there is a plaque indicating that this was the site of a concentration camp where the fascists ‘rolled over more than 100,000 people.’ It’s worth noting that the central stadium is nearby, and a market with singing and dancing is often held on the square.

    Мемориал ВОВ


    • Guys! Get on your horses!
    • Hold on! Let’s light up and ride!

    I hope there are no more such cars in the traffic police fleet.


    14. Lawns and trees are watered even in small parks.

    Поливка газонов

    15. Post offices – for sending mail to Russia, within Belarus, and for international deliveries.


    16. Gomel Regional Drama Theater (1954). By the way, there is also a board of honor near it.

    Драматический театр.

    17. Palace of Rumyantsevs and Paskeviches (18th century) is considered the main attraction of Gomel. It is depicted on the 20,000 ruble banknote.

    Дворец Румянцевых и Паскевичей
    Дворец Румянцевых с Сожи.

    18. Monument to the Gomel militia (1975) in Gomel Park. It looks, of course, like a soldier is hiding an old woman from partisans. But the artist, of course, knows better.

    Памятник гомельским ополченцам
    Памятник ополченцам

    19. And here they planted flowers.

    Цветы в парке.
    Цветы в парке.

    20. Chapel-Mausoleum of the Pashkevich family (1870) – a crypt with family burials. Probably not the most suitable place for wedding photos. Although, perhaps, I don’t know or understand something.

    Часовня-усыпальница Паскевичей

    21. One group is taking photos, the next one is getting ready!

    Набережная Сож

    22. The Boatman (2006) – symbolizes the first inhabitant of Gomel who arrived in these lands. In the boat with him is another symbol – a lynx.


    23. Pedestrian bridge over the Sozh River.


    24. River Sozh in the city park.


    25. From above, it is visible that the water is not very clean, at all.


    26. The Sozh River is suitable for navigation, and the city has its own river port.

    Сухогруз идёт по Сожи.

    27. In Gomel, people are taken for a ride on the “Brest” boat along the Sozh River.


    28. It’s a river pier. I highly recommend getting on board and taking a tour of the Sozh River.

    Гомельский речной причал.

    29. Locals fishing.


    30. Cargo port.

    Гомельский порт.

    31. Somewhere in the area of Volodkin’s lake.

    Володькино озеро.

    32. It was said by locals that a road was supposed to be built here to connect two districts of Gomel, but the construction was halted on the embankment for some reason.

    Недостроенный мост через Сож.

    33. The placement of this advertisement caused a lot of surprise.


    R. Polesian style – definitely!

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