An Enchanting Wonder of Nature: The Neptune’s Grotto – 01/2014

    An Enchanting Wonder of Nature: The Neptune’s Grotto – 01/2014

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    The Neptune’s Grotto (Grotte di Nettuno) is one of the largest sea caves in Italy. It is located near the city of Alghero, on the Capo Caccia cape. The cave was formed over 2 million years ago, but it was only discovered by fishermen in the 18th century.

    Visitors can access the cave either by sea or by climbing the legendary Escala del Cabirol, a staircase with 654 steps. To be honest, I’m not sure which was more challenging, the ascent or descent!

    The inside of the cave is a breathtaking sight to behold. The stalactites and stalagmites create an otherworldly atmosphere, and the crystal-clear water reflects the natural beauty of the cave. The glistening pools of water and the sound of dripping water add to the enchanting ambiance.

    The Neptune’s Grotto is a true wonder of nature, and a visit to this cave is a must for anyone traveling to the beautiful island of Sardinia. The journey to reach the cave may be challenging, but the awe-inspiring beauty of the cave makes it well worth the effort.

    1. The Start of a Long Journey on the Steps to the Cave.

    Ступеньки в пещеру.

    2. The Rocks of Capo Caccia are a magnificent natural sight in Italy. These rugged cliffs rise dramatically from the sea, creating a striking and picturesque landscape. Standing at the edge of the rocks and looking out over the vast expanse of blue water is a truly awe-inspiring experience.

    Capo Caccia

    3. Arriving Here by Boat is an Adventure in Itself.

    Вход в грот.

    4. The Landing Spot for Passengers: Where the Journey to the Grotto Begins.


    5. Stalactites and Stalagmites: Marvels of Nature’s Architecture.

    Grotte di Nettuno

    6. Inside the cave, there are its own saltwater lakes.

    Grotte di Nettuno

    7. The Smith’s Room, also known as the Organ Hall, features stalactites and stalagmites shaped like an organ, and was discovered by English captain Henry Smith in the 19th century. Visitors may also spot the organist carved into the rock.

    La Sala Smith (Sala Dell’Organo)

    8. Il Lago Lamarmora, or Lamarmora Lake, is the largest lake within the grotto, stretching 100 meters in length and reaching depths of up to 9 meters in some areas. At the center of the lake, there are stalagmitic columns with freshwater trickling down from the top.

    Il Lago Lamarmora
    Grotte di Nettuno
    Grotte di Nettuno
    Grotte di Nettuno
    Grotte di Nettuno

    9. The area is quite popular among tourists, but the true beauty of the Neptune’s Grotto can be experienced during the off-season. You can leisurely stroll through the cave without the crowds pressing against you or accidentally stepping into your photo frame, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural wonder in peace.

    Grotte di Nettuno

    10. The ascent upwards with small rests in between. Or perhaps, longer ones…

    Escala del Cabirol
    Глубокое синее море.

    R. It’s a cool place, as is the whole of Sardinia.

    Капо Качча.
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