Awesome Krakow 02/2012

    Awesome Krakow 02/2012

    Center map

    Krakow – the second largest city in Poland with population around 700 000 people. And definitely the first from historical and cultural perspective.

    First mention dates back to 965 and 990 is considered as a foundation year.

    1. The Wawel Royal Castle – architectural complex which consists of the Castle, Cathedral, Churches and Chapel. Wawel was built in the XIII c. and represents the most significant cultural and historical site in the country.


    2. Wawel Dragon (Smok Wawelski) is a symbol of Wawel and Krakow. Used to breathe an intense flame every minute but this winter he “caught a cold” and kept silence.

    Wawel Dragon

    3. The Wawel Cathedral – Royal Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus – main cathedral of polish catholic church. Through its long history (was built in XI c) every King that was ruling in Wawel decided to add something new to the Cathedral thus we can see a mix of architectural styles from various epochs.

    The Wawel Cathedral

    4. Renaissance styled Yard in the eastern and southern wings of the Palace (Renesansowy dziedziniec zamku).

    Renaissance Yard

    5. Bastion of Wladyslaw IV (Bastion Wladyslawa IV).


    6. Saints Peter and Paul Church in Krakow (Kosciol Swietych Apostolow Piotra i Pawla w Krakowie) – baroque church built between 1597-1617 by italian architect Bernardoni who had built Farny Church in Nesvizh before.

    Saints Peter and Paul Church

    7. St. Mary’s Basilica (Kosciol Mariacki w Krakowie) – one of the best examples of Polish gothic architecture, completed in 1347.

    St. Mary's Basilica

    8. St. Andrew’s Church (Kosciol swietego Andrzeja) – really old church, was built between 1079 and 1098. Amazing how it could survive almost through a millennium.

    St. Andrew's Church

    9. Basilica of Holy Trinity (Bazylika Swietej Trojcy w Krakowie) – also the old church built back to XIII c.

    Basilica of Holy Trinity

    10. Sleeping lion in Krakow.


    11. And that’s it. See ya!

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