A Fresh Perspective on Molodechno – 11/2012

    Center map

    The city of Molodechno is the administrative center with a relatively large population of almost 100,000 people, by Belarusian standards. The first chronicle mention dates back to 1388.

    From my last visit, the city seemed to have changed a bit, became somewhat fresher. Later, I found out that there had been a harvest festival here! And strangely enough, the tiles still remain in place. They renovated the square, made the adjacent street pedestrian, added sculptural compositions, and all sorts of other things, including these little clocks.

    It’s amazing how a single festival could bring so much life and energy to a city. The festival must have been an important event for the locals, and it left a lasting impression on the city. The renovation and additions to the square show that the city is thriving and evolving, with a focus on beautifying public spaces and making them more accessible to pedestrians.

    1. The Church of St. Joseph (St. Yuzef/Yazep) is a new building constructed between 1990-1997. You can see the modern style of the building, as if it was squeezed on the sides and pulled slightly upwards, resembling the adjacent building of my school. The church’s unique design is a blend of contemporary and traditional architecture, and it adds a distinctive touch to the city’s skyline.

    Костёл Святого Иосифа (Святого Юзэфа/Язэпа).
    Лавочка возле костёла
    Отштукатуренный кинотеатр "Родина" в Молодечно.

    2. It turns out that this is the Molodechno State Polytechnic College. I always thought that it was the building for the city’s administration. The college’s impressive architecture features a mix of classical and modern elements, with large columns and arched windows contrasting with sleek lines and contemporary materials. It’s inspiring to see a place of learning and knowledge with such a striking design. It’s a reminder that even functional buildings can be beautiful and contribute to the city’s overall aesthetic.

    Молодеченский государственный политехнический колледж.

    3. They say that this fountain, “Paparats-Kvetka” (“Kupalle”), has an openly “sexually suggestive” character. The sculpture depicts intertwined figures of a man and a woman in a passionate embrace, and it’s been a subject of controversy and debate in the city. Some people view it as a work of art that celebrates human sensuality and love, while others find it vulgar and inappropriate for public display. Regardless of one’s opinion, there’s no denying that the fountain is a striking and memorable feature of the city’s landscape.

    Центральная площадь Молодечно, захватывает Французский парк и вид на памятник ВОВ

    4. This neighborhood has remained unchanged over the years. Victory Park, Heroes Alley, and a nightclub still occupy the same space as before.

    Парк Победы, Аллея героев, ночной клуб...
    Памятник ВОВ

    5. And here’s something new – a brand new alley leading to the new amphitheater. On the right side of the alley, saplings have been planted, with signs indicating the name of the hero city or the host of the festival under which they were planted.

    Новая аллея ведущая к новому амфитеатру.

    6. We were in such a hurry that we couldn’t find the coat of arms of Stolin online. But after the “celebration” was over, we realized that we no longer needed it.

    Не смогли найти герб Столина

    7. The amphitheater in Molodechno. The question of fulfilling its main functions with the roofs remains somewhat open. However, it is a popular spot for outdoor events during the summer months, with many locals and visitors alike enjoying concerts and performances in the open air.

    Амфитеатр в Молодечно.
    Практически анекдот 🙂 Траву, интересно, тоже подкрашивали ?
    В общем, берегите птиц, друзья! Счастливо!
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