Happy New Year in Nesvizh Park 01/2012

    Center map

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    January the 1st – the very first day of the new year and Finally the snow has fallen. Literally, it’s the New Year magic )

    And it could be considered a true crime not to go to the snowy Park and not to enjoy a frosty walk.

    1. Nesvizh Town Hall – completed in 1596. The oldest town hall in Belarus.

    Town Hall

    2. Slutsk Gate. An old single entrance to the town.

    Slutsk Brama

    3. View on Nesvizh Castle from Slutsk Gate.

    Nesvizh Castle

    4. Nesvizh Castle. Closed due to the holiday.

    Winter Nesvizh Castle.

    5. Small gazebo in the Park by the frozen lake.


    6. Nesvizh Castle on the hill.

    Winter Castle

    7. Though it was pretty cold and frosty, the lake at some locations hadn’t covered with ice.

    The lake

    8. Well… at least they tried )

    Local birdhouse
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