Winter’s Unique Perspective of the Nesvizh Castle – 12/2017

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    This winter was quite peculiar. It snowed a little bit and then it was immediately blown away and washed away by the rain. It was interesting to see how the Nesvizh Castle looked in such weather and at this time of the year.

    As I walked towards the castle, I could see a thin layer of snow on the ground, which was quickly melting due to the rain. The trees around the castle were bare, and the gardens were empty. It was a stark contrast to the vibrant colors and lush greenery that I had seen in the summer. The sky was overcast, and the air was cold and damp.

    When I arrived at the castle, I noticed that there were not many visitors around. It seemed that the weather had kept most people indoors. The castle itself looked magnificent, even in the dreary weather. Its towering walls and intricate architecture were still impressive, and the rain made the stone walls glisten in the light.

    As I walked around the castle, I couldn’t help but wonder how it must have been to live here in the past. The castle has a rich history, and I could almost imagine the grandeur and opulence of the rooms and halls inside. Despite the weather, it was still a beautiful sight to behold, and I was glad I had the chance to see it in a different light.

    1. There is no snow anywhere near here. The last remnants were washed away by the rain, and now a strong wind is blowing them away.

    2. The Castle Lake did not freeze over completely, rather there are small patches of ice scattered throughout, but it is just a thin layer along the shore.

    3. The sun peeked out, and it became at least a little less cold.

    4. The park is turning green as if it’s the beginning of March.

    5. Only the castle moat is still frozen, and there isn’t much sun or wind. But it suddenly became extremely chilly, and it’s time to run somewhere warm to get cozy.

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