Night Charm of Nesvizh – 08/2012

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    The case was in the evening and there was just the thing to do – to go for a walk and explore the night beauty of Nesvizh. The town, which is located in the Minsk region of Belarus, is known for its rich history and impressive architecture, especially the Nesvizh Castle. As I walked along the streets, I could see the magnificent lights illuminating the old buildings, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The calmness of the night and the cool breeze made the walk even more pleasant. It was a perfect way to end the day and experience the unique charm of this small town. I would highly recommend a night walk in Nesvizh to anyone visiting Belarus.

    Замковый вал
    Замок ночью
    Парковка возле костёла
    Уииууу... Пора домой 🙂
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