Winter Wonderland: A Mesmerizing Display of Light and Art in Minsk – 12/2018

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    This winter, in “Dreamland”, they brought in what seemed to be some interesting light installations. Just as there was still a little snow left, my friends and I decided that we had to go and see all this beauty for ourselves.

    As we approached, we could already see the colorful lights dancing around and reflecting off the snow. We couldn’t wait to get closer and explore. As we wandered through the installations, we were amazed by the way the lights were arranged and how they interacted with the surrounding environment. It was truly a mesmerizing sight.

    We spent hours walking around and taking in the beauty of the lights. The air was chilly, but we were too captivated by the beauty to even notice. The soft crunch of snow beneath our boots was the only sound we could hear as we wandered from one installation to the next.

    As the night drew on and the temperature dropped further, we knew it was time to head back home. But we left with a feeling of warmth and happiness, grateful for the opportunity to witness such an enchanting display of art and light.

    1. They have developed the park on a pretty decent piece of land.

    2. Glowing floating umbrellas.

    3. A meadow with a polar bear.

    4. In case anyone needs it.

    5. One’s own Eiffel Tower.

    6. A spider of impressive size.

    7. Fresh winter mushrooms.

    8. A glowing corridor.

    9. And a peacock’s tail.

    10. A glowing giraffe in the winter park. Nothing surprising, really.

    R. Not all of the figures and installations were captured in the post – there were significantly more of them. It’s interesting and atmospheric to walk around the winter park at night and constantly come across new and glowing things. The experience is nothing but positive, leaving you with a sense of wonder and amazement.

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