Patras: The Third Largest City in Greece – 06/2019

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    Patras is the third largest city in Greece, after Athens and Thessaloniki. It is located in the northwestern Peloponnese region, on the Gulf of Patras. The city has a population of over 210,000 people.

    Patras is a major cultural and economic center in Greece. It is home to the University of Patras, the largest university in the Peloponnese. The city is also a major industrial center, with a focus on shipbuilding and food processing.

    Patras is a popular tourist destination, with many historical and cultural attractions. The city is home to the Patras Archaeological Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts from the ancient city of Patras. The city also has a number of Byzantine churches, including the Church of Agios Andreas, which is the largest church in Greece.

    Patras is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with something to offer everyone. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or nightlife, you will find something to love in Patras.


    Here are some of the top things to do in Patras:

    • Visit the Patras Archaeological Museum: This museum houses a collection of artifacts from the ancient city of Patras, including sculptures, pottery, and jewelry.
    • See the Church of Agios Andreas: This church is the largest church in Greece and is dedicated to Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Greece.
    • Take a walk along the waterfront: The waterfront is a popular spot for walking, jogging, and people-watching.
    • Visit the Patras Carnival: The Patras Carnival is one of the largest and most popular carnivals in Greece. It takes place every year in February and features parades, costumes, and parties.
    • Enjoy the nightlife: Patras has a vibrant nightlife scene with something to offer everyone. There are bars, clubs, and restaurants to suit all tastes.


    Here are some tips for planning your trip to Patras:

    • The best time to visit Patras is during the spring (April-June) or fall (September-October) when the weather is mild.
    • Patras is a relatively affordable city to visit. You can find budget-friendly accommodation and food options.
    • The city is well-connected by public transportation, so you can easily get around without a car.
    • Be sure to try some of the local cuisine, such as souvlaki, moussaka, and baklava.

    I hope this blog post has inspired you to visit Patras, Greece. It is a beautiful and vibrant city with something to offer everyone.

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