Tallinn Old Town 05/2011

    Center map

    Tallinn – the capital and the biggest city in Estonia with population around 500 000 inh. First mention of the settlement is dated to 1154.

    The city itself is not very big and therefore Old Town is pretty compact. But in this case – the size doesn’t really matter ) The Old Town is cut up with numerous small picturesque streets. You don’t need to walk around a lot to find somewhat like medieval scenery – it’s just everywhere.

    1. Amazing view of the Old Town from the Old Town )


    2. St. Olaf’s Church (Oleviste kirik) towers in the center of Tallinn Old Town. It was built in XII c. and extensively rebuilt in XIV c.

    Oleviste kirik
    St. Olaf Church

    3. Up ahead is Church of the Holy Spirit (Tallinna Puha Vaimu kirik) in Tallinn. It was erected in 1319.

    Tallinna Puha Vaimu kirik

    4. Tallinn Town Hall is located on the Town Hall Square. The first mention of Town Hall is referring to 1319.

    Tallinna raekoda and Raekoja plats

    5. The gates from Medieval to Modern.

    Old vs New

    6. Surprisingly but we found belarusian bear in Tallinn.

    Kronitsa Klaitsnae LUX
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