Small Provincial Tolochin 11/2011

    Center map

    Tolochin – small town in Vitebsk Region, Belarus with a population just above 10 000 people. First mention dates back to 1433.

    Actually I don’t really know why I’ve decided to go there )  Maybe because just wanted to visit absolutely unknown place for me. Anyway no regrets at all )

    1. Coach station in Tolochin with soviet monumental group nearby.

    Bus station with monument in Tolochin

    2. Unmarked catholic church in Tolochin. But after some efforts it was identified as St. Anthony’s Church. After the II WW for a very long time a Furniture store was inside this building.

    Костел Святого Антония.

    3. View on monastery and the Church of the Intercession. The monastery was founded in 1604 by Lew Sapieha and the church significantly later – in 1769. In soviet period monastery was used as a military enlistment office.

    Church of the Intercession

    4. Presentation of Mary Church in Tolochin.

    Presentation of Mary Church

    5. As for me this photo characterizes all these small belarusian towns.


    6. Some kind of the WW II Hero Alley. Of course it’s not possible to have other heroes for the town with Six centuries history, yeah…

    Alley of Heroes

    7. Tolochin coat of arms in stone.

    Coat of Arms

    8. Interesting moment ) There are a lot of streets in Tolochin named after russian writers – Pushkin street, Chehov, Gogol and a billion of Ostrovsky alleyways.

    Pushkin str.

    9. Yes, Lenin monument is still in the center of the main town square.

    Lenin in Tolochin

    10. Finest place by the river Drut but a lot of houses are abandoned.

    Abandoned House

    11. And the state of other buildings is not very inspiring.

    House in Tolochin

    12. But in fact it was a nice trip.

    Tolochin cat
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